Cadscape are a company specialized in BIM services, coordinated meetings and shop drawings for the mechanical industry. We were asked to produce a logo and a website for them, promoting their business as one of the top companies in the field.

The brief was quite free, giving us the chance to use our professional judgement on the vision. Since the logo designed and approved we had a base on which to start designing. Two separate concepts were developed – a white and dark one. Both had a big photo slider on the home page showcasing the company’s top projects. Two variations of navigation were developed – a free hanging section labels and an incorporated in a navigation bar buttons. Along these two main concepts we designed multiple variations of them, mostly showing different content on the home page.
CADscape preferred the white option. The logo was placed in the header’s division line, cutting it with its dimensions. Navigation was made clear and easy to operate with. Polygons of shades of grey were filling the footer width thus making a bridge between the website design and the logo. Three were the main colors in the website design layout – red (coming from the logo) graphite grey and very bright cream color.