CADScape Logo Design

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Cadscape are a company specialized in BIM services, coordinated meetings and shop drawings for the mechanical industry. We were asked to produce a logo and a website for them, promoting their business as one of the top companies in the field.

The logo had to hold in itself the business context of the company – CAD drawings and coordination. Couple of concepts were developed – an isometric, a three-dimensional one and a slightly hi-tech approach. All options were using a typeface logo type as per the client’s brief.
The hi-tech approach wad chosen as best suiting the company’s character. The logo letters were completely customized with the help of a CAD software in order to have absolutely accurate proportions and dimensions. The letters are connected to look like a one symbol thus presenting the coordination function of the company.

The colors were picked to gravitate around the red. The boldest and most colorful variation of the chosen concept was preferred, shredding the CAD letters into polygons of various shades of red.




  • Client - CADScape
  • Project name - CADScape Logo Design
  • Date - June 11, 2014