Studio Dance Zone Logo Design

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Studio Dance Zone is one of the most famous dancing studios in Bulgaria. The tutors of SDZ participate in almost every popular video or event.

When they contacted us their current logo wasn’t sharing their fame and preffesional level. The brief was only the new logo to remain a typeface type. Appart from that we had complete freedom. The font……..was chosen to represent their slighly minimalistic and modern approach. Studio Dance Zone in text is too long and often not suitable for posters or other print or virtual ads. Thus we decided to customize some words and to connect them. We wanted the common shape to go closer to a square rather than a long ractangular.

On the contrary were the colors of the logo. We included a rainbow gradient and purple as a base so that it still will look clean but also dancy.




  • Client - Studio Dance Zone
  • Project name - Studio Dance Zone Logo Design
  • Date - June 11, 2014