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Harmoniya is the brand/company of Sisi – a certified life and career coach. We were asked to produce a logo design that characterizes her and her job in a more personal and delicate manner.

She provided couple of photos that were used as guides for color gamma and keywords. We extracted blue and purple as dominating colors and started working around them. This time we though that a combination between logotype and symbol was going to provide better results for the client.

The word Harmoniya was presented in a thoroughly customized cursive font. We played with the H and Y and straightened all other letters to look more tidy. Next came the symbol where we invested most of our time. We knew that the relationship between a coach and a client was top priority for her. So we decided to go that direction and experiment with different kinds of interacting figures. As we cleaned and simplified the forms more and more we came across the simple circle. What better shape to symbolize harmony. The rest was easy. Add two smaller circles for heads and we were looking at two figures holding hands or dancing, or experiencing something together. The simplicity of shapes helped the message of the logo to be strong and obvious.





  • Project name - Harmoniya Logo Design
  • Date - June 10, 2014