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GEPVET is another EU project we were asked to design the logo and website for. The main aim of the project is to promote entrepreneurial culture among learners in vocational training institutions and labour market courses. The project will foster entrepreneurship culture among VET teachers and trainers, as well as among labour market trainers.

The design brief included several key principles to serve as guides: cleanness, readability, easy and clear navigation, attractive and modern homepage. Keeping those key principles we designed a website around the white and navy blue colors. Blue stands often for importance and confidence, without being too serious or somber. It’s used often in business or corporate websites’ design. Since the project is to promote entrepreneurial culture we thought this would be a good choice. The white helps the readability when it’s used as the content background. The home page was designed in a modern fashion in a 3×2 square structure and nice stock images.




  • Client - Catro Bulgaria
  • Project name - GEPVET Website Design
  • Date - June 11, 2014