Cholestol Box Design

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Cholestol is a natural product which supports weigh loss in a faster and healthier way. The design brief was to create a box design that corresponds and supports the key features of Cholestol – natural and healthy. Since here in Brokkolli we are all about health, we couldn’t wait to start working on this project.

The client sent us the project of the box. We had to fold a small test dummy and draw on top of it in order to get more clear previews. We aimed mainly for two things in the design process of the box design.
Most important was to emphasize on the natural and healthy features. We achieved that by adding grass which overlaps the line of opening. We left the background to be white – clean, airy and providing better contrast for the different elements.
Secondly we wanted to bring a 3D effect of the graphic parts on the box. The existing logo consisted of text and a drop symbol. We thought why not alter it a bit. As if the box had altered it. So we let the drop “fall” from the top to the front side. Finally this became the strongest feature of the box design.


Project Details

Cholestol is a natural product to support a faster and healthier weight loss. The box project was ready and a design had to be implemented on it. The concept brief was to make something corresponding to the natural ingredients of the project. Thus the drop from the existing logo was presented on two sides of the box giving another dimension to the design. The grass was made to overlap the two parts of the box with various strands in size and color.

  • Client - Cholestol
  • Project name - Cholestol Box Design
  • Date - June 11, 2014